I am a full-time Regular Faculty Member in the Department of Philosophy at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Canada, where I teach philosophy of technology, logic, and other philosophical subjects, including occasional ethics courses in the Policy Studies program. Before coming to KPU, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Trent University. I have a PhD in Philosophy from York University (2014), a PhD in Semiotics from the University of Quebec in Montreal (2008)—Oxford tasked me with writing their entry on that for their Bibliographies in Philosophy—and I did my Post-Doc at the University of Helsinki (2014–2015).

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I am the author of Consciousness and the Philosophy of Signs (Springer 2018) and Myth, Meaning, and Antifragile Individualism (Imprint Academic 2020). I am currently writing a new book titled Endangered Experiences: Skipping Newfangled Technologies and Sticking to Real Life. At the risk being a party pooper, I seriously doubt that replacing our writing, thinking, and doing with AI will “enable humans to be more human” — to echo the feel-good slogan on the wall behind this bot:

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My areas of specialization are in Philosophy of TechnologyPhilosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Signs (or Semiotics, to use the term coined by John Locke), with additional areas of competence Ethics, Formal and Informal Logic, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Phenomenology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, and Metaphilosophy. I believe universities should be built on freedom, rigour, and merit (FRM). Since many universities are ostensibly heading in the opposite direction, I also maintain a career-long side interest in heterodoxy and maverick thinkers who, by choice, temperament, or necessity, operate(d) outside or at the margins of academic philosophy.

I was born in a working-class family near Montreal. I now live on the outskirts of Vancouver, with my Chinese partner and our five wonderful children, living a low-tech lifestyle of hearty home cooked meals, logical puzzles at the kitchen table, and nightly Québecois story telling. Although I conduct my philosophical inquiries solely in English, I am also fluent in French and Joual (my native tongue).

On this site, you will find information about my writing and teaching. I leave little bits of my soul in every piece I write and every class I teach, so I hope you will enjoy!


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